Blogging For A Business – Why Blog?
Ryan Contreras
 | July 23, 2019 |
Think DOGGIE – Discuss, Optimize, Give, Generate, Invest, and Establish.

Think DOGGIE – Discuss, Optimize, Give, Generate, Invest, and Establish. 

Discuss – Provide an online environment that encourages discussion. This allows both your audience to learn more about your brand while you learn more about your audience’s demographics and any potential views they have of your brand.

Optimize – Blogs increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by having more words and pages that can be indexed by search engines. Having a larger variety of blog entries also provides more opportunities for site visitors to share your content. Frequent updating of blogs also suggests to search engines that your brand is putting effort into consistently creating new content, and thus they are more likely to prioritize your site on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Give – Knowledge contains the gift of power. Offer it to your audience, or provide details that your representatives can reference so that they can relay further knowledge on any questions that customers may have. Informative blog content can also serve as the foundation of your social media posts. 

Generate – A blog post that is interesting and important enough to the viewer will encourage them to share your post on social media. Shared posts then generate in-bound links created by others. You can also convert your targeted audience at a higher rate. After intriguing visitors to come to your page, maintaining their interest throughout your content, and establishing your reputation, a blog post is a great opportunity to generate conversions through strategically placed call-to-actions. Each of these call-to-actions can be tailored to the subject that your blog post covers, increasing the likeliness of visitors clicking through. 

Invest – Every blog serves as real estate that brings the right audience closer to benefiting from your business. The first day or two of site traffic may provide some insight on the success of a blog post, but the traffic that accumulates through the remainder of the blog post’s life is what will reflect its true value in the long run. Each additional blog post brings more traffic to your site, and each blog post from the past brings additional traffic to new blog posts. This is especially true for compounding blog posts, which are made easy to read and often focus on solving common problems. This result makes blogs a worthwhile asset that exponentially drives traffic to your site and increases lead generation. 

Establish – Blogs establish trust with your audience, help your business stand out as a knowledgeable leader in your industry, and make your brand more relatable. A knowledgeable reputation can be established by answering commonly asked questions. While blog entries that focus on scenarios or topics familiar to your audience bring a human presence to your business. Having both relatability and knowledgeability gives your audience a sense of trust, both in the brand and representatives of the brand. This can increase the likelihood of them listening to more insight provided by your business in the future while increasing the chances that they will trust in the products and services you provide. Another component of your reputation is how you present your products. Instead of relying on journalists to relay information on product releases, you have the power to position your brand and products in your own playing field, which is a great advantage when you start establishing a following to your website. 


Ultimately, it is important to practice patience when blogging for your small business, as it can take time to establish online traction. As long as you are attentive to intriguing and relevant blog topics, strong writing, and a timely posting schedule, your viewership shall significantly increase. Get started to see those numbers take flight!


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